Co-localization of DrPiwi-1 and DrPiwi-2 in the oogonial cytoplasm is essential for oocyte differentiation in sexualized planarians

Chiaki Kimoto, Haruka Nakagawa, Reiko Hasegawa, Hanae Nodono, Midori Matsumoto

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P-Element-induced wimpy testis (Piwi) subfamily proteins form complexes that bind to Piwi-interacting RNA. This interaction is crucial for stem cell regulation and formation, maintenance of germline stem cells, and gametogenesis in several metazoans. Planarians are effective models for studying stem cells. In the planarian Dugesia ryukyuensis, DrPiwi-1 is essential for the development of germ cells, but not somatic cells and sexual organs. DrPiwi-2 is indispensable for regeneration. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effects of Piwi on the differentiation of germ cells using monoclonal antibodies against DrPiwi-1 and DrPiwi-2. DrPiwi-1 and DrPiwi-2 co-localized more in immature germ cells than in mature germ cells in the ovary. DrPiwi-1 was found in the cytoplasm of early oogonia as undifferentiated germ cells, whereas DrPiwi-2 was found to localize not only in the nuclei but also in the cytoplasm of early oogonia. In descendant germ cells (oocytes), DrPiwi-2 was not present in the cytoplasm, but was strongly detected in the nucleolus. Moreover, we found that DrPiwi-1 forms a complex with DrPiwi-2. The cause of DrPiwi-1 depletion may be the severe reduction in the DrPiwi-2 level in the cytoplasm of oogonia. These results suggest that the formation of the DrPiwi-1 and DrPiwi-2 complex in the cytoplasm of oogonia is essential for oocyte differentiation. Our findings support the conclusion that DrPiwi-1 forms a complex with DrPiwi-2 in the cytoplasm of undifferentiated germ cells, and it signifies the start of gametogenesis. In contrast, in the testes, Drpiwi-1 was found in undifferentiated germ cells (spermatogonia), whereas DrPiwi-2 was found in descendant germ cells (spermatocytes). The process of germ cell differentiation from adult stem cells in planarians may be regulated in different ways in female and male germ lines by the Piwi family.

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