Cohomogeneity-one-string integrability of spacetimes

Yoshiyuki Morisawa, Soichi Hasegawa, Tatsuhiko Koike, Hideki Ishihara

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A classical string whose world sheet shares a one-dimensional symmetry with the spacetime is called cohomogeneity-one (C1). We propose C1-string integrability, i.e. integrability of all C1 strings in the spacetime, as a class of hidden symmetry of a spacetime. The C1 string may probe symmetry which is not probed by a particle. We present a simple, systematic procedure for finding constants of motion of a C1 string and examining C1 string integrability of a spacetime. We apply the framework to some physically important spacetimes such as AdS5, AdS5 × S5, and AdS5 × Tp,q. C1 strings and C1-string integrability may be useful for a prior examination of general string integrability of a highly symmetric spacetime since, among the examples above, all C1 string integrable spacetimes are string-integrable, and the previously obtained chaotic string solutions in those or other spacetimes are of class C1.

ジャーナルClassical and Quantum Gravity
出版ステータスPublished - 2019 7月 17

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