Cold polypectomy techniques for diminutive polyps in the colorectum

Toshio Uraoka, Hemchand Ramberan, Takahisa Matsuda, Takahiro Fujii, Naohisa Yahagi

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Adequate colonoscopic polypectomy is a very important intervention for the prevention of colorectal cancer progression during screening and surveillance colonoscopy. Whereas various techniques are used for the removal of diminutive polyps, including cold biopsy forceps, hot biopsy forceps, hot snare, and cold snare, hot polypectomy techniques with electrocautery have been associated with an increased risk of electrocautery-related complications, including immediate and/or delayed bleeding or perforation. In contrast, recent studies have found a polypectomy technique without electrocautery, so-called cold polypectomy, to be a safer and more efficacious technique. The present article discusses the use of cold polypectomy techniques and describes how cold biopsy forceps polypectomy using jumbo biopsy forceps designed with a greater capacity for removing larger tissue samples, and cold snare polypectomy, are adequate for removing diminutive polyps completely and safely and shorten withdrawal time of the colonoscopy procedure.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2014 4月 1

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