Compartmentalization of Peyer's patch anlagen before lymphocyte entry

H. Hashi, H. Yoshida, K. Honda, S. Fraser, H. Kubo, M. Awane, A. Takabayashi, H. Nakano, Y. Yamaoka, S. I. Nishikawa

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We have shown that Peyer's patch (PP) first develops as a simple and even cell aggregation during embryogenesis. To investigate when and how such a simple cell aggregation forms the complex PP architecture, we analyzed the distribution of cells expressing IL-7Rα (PP inducer cells), VCAM-1 (mesenchymal cells), CD11c (dendritic cells), and mature lymphocytes by whole-mount immunostaining of 17.5 days postcoitus to 2 days postpartum mouse gut. Our results show that compartmentalization of PP anlagen commences at day 18.5 of gestation by clustering and subsequent follicle formation of IL-7Rα+, VCAM-1+, and CD11c+ cells. This process adds the primitive architecture of PP anlage with several follicles in which IL-7Rα+ cells localize in the center, while VCAM-1+ and CD11c+ cells localize at the fringe. This follicle formation is accompanied by the establishment of PP-specific vascular network expressing mucosal addressin cellular adhesion molecule-1. Mature B and T lymphocytes entering in the PP anlage are distributed promptly to their own target zones; B cells to the follicle and T cells to nonfollicular zones. Our analysis of scid/scid mouse indicate that the initial processes including formation of PP-specific vascular network occur in the absence of lymphocytes. These observations indicate that the basic architecture of PP is formed by a set of cell lineages assembled during the initial phase of induction of PP anlagen before entry of mature lymphocytes.

ジャーナルJournal of Immunology
出版ステータスPublished - 2001 3月 15

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