P. H. Enslow, G. D. Cole, L. Kleinrock, J. de Mercado, N. Spyratos, D. J. Farber, K. C. Larson, M. L.T. Yuen, B. A. Black, E. E. Newhall, A. N. Venetsanopoulos, A. R. Kaye, J. D. Spragins, K. Omahen, L. Schrage

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The topics discussed in the 59 papers in this volume include the following: computer-communications networks and policy; traffic flow in a distributed loop switching system; sampled queuing systems; combinatorial connecting networks; routing techniques for message switching networks with message-outdating; a heuristic approach to large multicommodity flow problems; the cable television system as a computer-communications network; a model for data transmission in a queuing system with priorities; a communications interface for digital computers; the global digitally switched communications system evolution; and an on-line model for computation-communication network analysis and tradeoff studies. Following is a list of titles and authors: Computer-Communications Networks and Policy. By P. H. Enslow Jr. Analysis of the Separation Between Packets in a Store-and-Forward Network. By G. D. Cole and L. Kleinrock. Synthesis of Nonflow Redundant Communication Networks. By J. de Mercado and N. Spyratos. System Architecture of the Distributed Computer System - The Communications System. By D. J. Farber and K. C. Larson. Traffic Flow in a Distributed Loop Switching System. By M. L. T. Yuen, B. A. Black, E. E. Newhall and A. N. Venetsanopoulos. Analysis of a Distributed Control Loop for Data Transmission. By A. R. Kaye. Loops Used for Data Collection. By J. D. Spragins. Queuing Analysis of a Multiprocessor System with Shared Memory. By K. Omahen and L. Schrage.

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