Considerations for the manipulating technique and its indications of falloposcopic tuboplasty (FT)

K. Sueoka, T. Kobayashi, H. Asada, T. Hashiba, N. Kuji, T. Miyazaki, S. Nozawa

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The new mechanical balloon catheter system has been produced for the observation in the lumen of fallopian tubes and its treatment. Falloposcopic tuboplasty (FT) system was demonstrated and considered on the manipulating technique and its indications of the treatment. The success rate of tuboplasty depicts 70.7% in total 41 obstructive tubes from the patients of bilateral tubal occlusions. The success rates were rarely different depending on the location of occlusion within the distance of 10 cm from ostium through ampulla. This system has been determined useful not only for the treatment of tubal lumen but also for the observation of wide variety of pathological changes in more distal portion beyond the obstruction diagnosed by hysterosalpingography. When the eversion catheter had banched repeatedly at the stiff obstruction, the balloon pressure of everting catheter was inflated 1 a.t.m. up from initially 6 a.t.m. to 9 a.t.m., and the tubal patency was improved in the higher pressure. The manipulating length of each eversion was controlled less than 1 cm to avoid perforation which was the major complication specially on manipulating in higher pressure. Laparoscopy was also determined useful for the assistance to manipulate FT system.

ジャーナルJapanese Journal of Fertility and Sterility
出版ステータスPublished - 1995 1月 1

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