Control of current-type converter with sliding mode

Yi feng Chen, Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Hirokazu Kobayashi, Kouhei Ohnishi, A. Šabanović

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In this paper, we propose a control algorithm for current-type converter with LC filter placed on the ac side. To improve the sinusoidal waveform of ac input current, we introduce an approach based on sliding mode. It is shown that the PWM pattern is gotten as a natural result of the control process, robust property to parameter variation can be introduced into the control algorithm easily. Because all of the control processes is completed in software and the switching signals are accessed directly within the control strategy, hardware of control circuits can be simplified. To confirm the validity of proposed control algorithm an experimental investigation is also made. The result of experiment verified the properties of tracking to reference, source power factor appointablity and suppressing effect on LC filter resonant oscillation.

ジャーナルieej transactions on industry applications
出版ステータスPublished - 1995

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