Current status of adjuvant endocrine therapy for hormone responsive breast cancer

T. Ikeda, H. Jinno, S. Masamura, A. Matsui, G. Tajima, T. Hohjoh, H. Tokura, Y. Mitsui, S. Asaga, T. Muto, K. Fujiwara, M. Kitajima

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Three important meetings on adjuvant hormone therapy for breast cancer were held recently: the 5th EBCTCG Meeting, NIH Consensus Meeting, 7th International Conference on Adjuvant Therapy of Primary Breast Cancer. The conclusions of these meetings are: 1. adjuvant hormone therapy should be indicated only for patients with estrogen/progesterone receptor positive cancer, 2. five years of tamoxifen is the standard care at present, 3. ovarian ablation by any means has been proved effective in premenopausal patients and LH-RH agonist should be given at least two years, and 4. aromatase inhibitors should not be used in clinical practice, because several prospective randomized trials are ongoing at present. The patients treated with LH-RH agonist combined with tamoxifen showed better relapse-free survival compared with LH-RH agonist alone in the INT-0101 trial. This was an important trial because combined hormone therapy had not been proven more effective than individual hormone therapy previously. Combined hormone therapy including LH-RH agonist may be considered in premenopausal patients. There is a growing consensus that chemotherapy is effective through the ovarian suppression. In this sense, hormonal therapy should be considered first for hormone responsive patients. On the contrary, standard chemotherapy has shifted from CMF combination to an anthracycline containing regimen. Chemoendocrine therapy may be considered in high risk patients.

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