Customized catoptric head mirror with white LED and battery replacement

Fumiyuki Goto, Haruna Yabe

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Catoptric head mirrors widely used in the otolaryngological dispensary have the advantages of being cordless and providing excellent due to the use of white LED, which have low battery consumption. They are plagued, however, by short battery life and the need for an AC cord to recharge batteries. We customized a cordless light combining a commercially available light and a small Li-ion battery for cellphones. The portable 1 W light (® Welch Allyn, USA) includes a My Battery Mini (® Japan Trust Technology, Japan), a frame (® Nagashima Ika, Japan), and a piece of Velcro. Once fully charged, the battery enables the light to be used more than 2 hours continuously. The white LED features both low battery consumption and low heat generation. Two potential problems are, first, that objects viewed may appear more whitish than when viewed using conventional incandescent lamps and, second, the retina away be exposed to direct intensive light.

ジャーナルOto-Rhino-Laryngology Tokyo
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 6月 1

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