Drouting architecture: Improvement of failure avoidance capability using multipath routing

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Failure avoidance capability is a desired feature for telecommunication networks, such as the Internet. However, not all failures can be promptly bypassed on the Internet because routing systems that are responsible for detecting and avoiding failures cannot detect all failures. Consequently, failures can interrupt internet communications for a long time, such as a few hours. This paper proposes a novel routing architecture called Drouting that enables flexible failure avoidance. In Drouting, routers calculate multipaths from a source to a destination by constructing Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG s) that include all links in the intra-domain network graph. IP packets carry packet tags that are set by the end host. The packet tags are used to select a network path from the multipath routes. In this paper, the failure avoidance property of Drouting architecture is evaluated through comparison with another proposal, Deflection, using simulations. Simulations were performed on inferred and synthetic topologies. Drouting exhibits similar performance with Deflection in terms of the number of nexthops, the number of paths and the length of paths, while Drouting outperforms Deflection in the probability of success of failure avoidance.

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