Effects of the surface Cu2-xSe phase on the growth and properties of CuInSe2 films

S. Niki, P. J. Fons, A. Yamada, Y. Lacroix, H. Shibata, H. Oyanagi, M. Nishitani, T. Negami, T. Wada

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Drastic changes in average molecularities (m=Cu/In) from m≫1 to m=0.92-0.93 and in hole concentrations from p≫1019 cm-3 to as low as p=7.5×1016 cm-3 have been observed in molecular beam epitaxy grown CuInSe2 after selective etching of the Cu-Se phase by a KCN aqueous solution; high hole concentrations and Cu-excess compositions of the as-grown films were attributed to the Cu-Se phase. On the other hand, well-defined photoluminescence emissions were found characteristic of intrinsic CuInSe2. The presence of the Cu-Se phase made possible the growth of high-quality CuInSe2 epitaxial films at a temperature well below the melting point of any Cu-Se compound. Surface topology measurements showed that the surface of the as-grown films was not fully covered by Cu-Se grains, leaving holes with depths of 200-300 nm after KCN etching. The enhanced two-dimensional growth and the reduced defect concentration imply that a very thin Cu-excess surface layer controls the growth of CuInSe2 when grown under Cu-excess conditions.

ジャーナルApplied Physics Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 1999

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