Efficient design method based on evaluation using CAE system

Yuta Sawai, Hideki Aoyama

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In design processes, a product shape is defined on a CAD system, and design analysis and evaluation are performed on a CAE system. When modification of the design shape is required as a result of design evaluation, the design shape is modified using the CAD system and the analysis and evaluation processes using the CAE system are repeated. In the analysis of a design shape with the CAE system, mesh data is generated using the form data constructed by the CAD system. Whenever design shape is to be modified using the CAD system, mesh data must be regenerated. The quality of mesh data greatly influences analysis accuracy, and high quality mesh data requires considerable time and cost to generate. The purpose of the study is to propose a novel digital engineering method for design evaluation using a CAE system and to confirm the effectiveness of the method. The proposed method enables designers to modify designs using mesh data and to automatically transform the mesh data to the CAD data, to minimize the cost and time for regenerating mesh data after design modification. A basic system was also developed to confirm the usefulness of the proposed method.

ジャーナルJournal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems and Manufacturing
出版ステータスPublished - 2010

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