Encapsulation of glucose oxidase (GOD) in polyelectrolyte complexes of chitosan-carrageenan

Annabelle V. Briones, Toshinori Sato

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential ability of carrageenan (κ-, ι-, λ-) and chitosan to form a controlled-release system for glucose oxidase (GOD). GOD was encapsulated in chitosan/carrageenan complexes at charge ratios (+/-) of 3 and 5 in mildly acidic solution. The encapsulation efficiency and activity of the loaded GOD were investigated. Among the different complexes prepared, chitosan/κ-carrageenan complex showed high encapsulation efficiencies of 79% and 62.5% at charge ratios of 3 and 5, respectively. The order of encapsulation efficiency decreases toward chitosan/λ-carrageenan complex (κ > ι > λ). After treatment with chitosanase and pepsin solutions, the activity of encapsulated glucose oxidase (GOD) was preserved for all complexes. The chitosan/κ-carrageenan complex was able to preserve 80.2% of GOD activity in pH 1.2 solution, 73.3% in chitosanase solution and 66.4% in pepsin solution. Controlled release of GOD was observed when the complexes were treated with different physiological and enzyme solutions; the complex of chitosan/κ-carrageenan had the lowest release rate of GOD. The simple preparation of chitosan/carrageenan complexes and their ability to protect protein integrity under acidic conditions make them a promising drug delivery system for the oral administration of peptides and proteins.

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