Enhancement of workers’ capability to analyze the latent factors in troubles

Takumi Maeda, Akasaka Toshiya, Yusaku Okada

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In safety management in the organization, identifying the latent factors of the troubles is one of important tasks. However, almost of methods for identifying latent factors behind incidents are too difficult for normal workers to utilize. Therefore, we intend to discuss the instruction issues that the workers can aware the latent factors in troubles easily as follows. 1. Reference Lists on PSFs (Performance Shaping Factors) 2. Analysis Strategy 3. Knowledge Sharing These issues could be introduced from the survey of practical fields. In this paper, we intend to propose the instruction method to improve the quality of causes analysis based on these issues. Especially, we made a guide table to introduce latent factors. In addition, we produced the prototype of computer program that can support the identification of the latent factors in troubles. As a result of some experiments, the number of factors that the workers identified increases remarkably, the quality of the identified factors is also improved, and many effective countermeasures are produced. Thus some effects of our proposed instruction guide were obtained.

ホスト出版物のタイトルAdvances in Physical Ergonomics and Safety
出版社CRC Press
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 1月 1

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