Enhancing farmers resilience to cope with climate induced drought in northwestern Bangladesh

Umma Habiba, Rajib Shaw

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Bangladesh, an agro based country that experiences drought more in recent years than earlier decades. Particularly, the northwestern Bangladesh is severe drought-prone area than other parts of country because of high rainfall variability. The average annual rainfall of this area is 1,329 mm whereas the country's average annual rainfall is 2,300 mm. This rainfall shortage accompanied with high temperature hastens drought severity of northwestern region. As a consequence of drought, agriculture as well as farmer's livelihood is badly affected. Farmers of this region practiced various adaptation measures to cope with drought by their own efforts along with institutional supports. But, these efforts and supports are not sufficient enough for farmers to endure towards drought. Therefore, this study assessed drought resilience through SIP approach (socio-economic, institutional and physical) at institutional level and also measured drought resilience at farmer's level. This study also tries to develop drought adaptation action policies for increasing farmers' resilience towards drought. At individual and family level, results reveal that crop diversification, mango cultivation and extension worker's role could significantly increase farmers' resilience. Likewise, establishment of mango orchard, vegetable gardening and community health care service would be helpful for community level to enhance drought resilience. Important policy message from this study suggested that justification of these actions through governmental organizations, research institutes and other relevant organizations will facilitate to develop the suitable drought adaptation action policy. Accordingly, it would be effective for farmers as well as communities of this region to sustain their livelihood against droughts by practicing these actions from national to local level.

ジャーナルJournal of Disaster Research
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 2月

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