Fast Electrophysiological Mapping of Rat Cortical Motor Representation on a Time Scale of Minutes during Skin Stimulation

Akito Kosugi, Elisa Castagnola, Stefano Carli, Davide Ricci, Luciano Fadiga, Miki Taoka, Atsushi Iriki, Junichi Ushiba

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The topographic map of motor cortical representation, called the motor map, is not invariant, but can be altered by motor learning, neurological injury, and functional recovery from injury. Although much attention has been paid to short-term changes of the motor map, robust measures have not been established. The existing mapping methods are time-consuming, and the obtained maps are confounded by time preference. The purpose of this study was to examine the dynamics of the motor map on a timescale of minutes during transient somatosensory input by a fast motor mapping technique. We applied 32-channel micro-electrocorticographic electrode arrays to the rat sensorimotor cortex for cortical stimulation, and the topographic profile of motor thresholds in forelimb muscle was identified by fast motor mapping. Sequential motor maps were obtained every few minutes before, during, and just after skin stimulation to the dorsal forearm using a wool buff. During skin stimulation, the motor map expanded and the center of gravity of the map was shifted caudally. The expansion of the map persisted for at least a few minutes after the end of skin stimulation. Although the motor threshold of the hotspot was not changed, the area in which it was decreased appeared caudally to the hotspot, which may be in the somatosensory cortex. The present study demonstrated rapid enlargement of the forelimb motor map in the order of a few minutes induced by skin stimulation. This helps to understand the spatial dynamism of motor cortical representation that is modulated rapidly by somatosensory input.

出版ステータスPublished - 2019 8月 21

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