Fundamental And Clinical Evaluation of 9,3”-Diacetylmidecamycin in Pediatric Field

Yukio Iwasaki, Satoshi Iwata, Takefumi Kanemitsu, Keiji Jozaki, Haruki Hattori, Ryoh Wakabayashi, Yoshibumi Kojima, Keisuke Sunakawa, Tadao Oikawa, Mitsuru Osano, Yasuo Ichihashi

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1. The dry syrup of MOM was administered orally to 17 patients mainly with heart deseases at doses of 10 mg/kg and 20 mg/kg. In 17 cases,the serum level was measured and in 4 cases, the urinary excretion rate including the metabolites of MOM. 2. The mean maximal concentrations were 0.54 mcg/ml at 30 minutes for the group of 10 mg/kg treatment and 0.33 mcg/ml at 1 hour for the group of 20mg/kg treatment.The dose response was not observed obviously in both groups. 3. In each of the cases, the sum of excretion rates of metabolites in the 24-hour urine was about 1%. 4. MOM was administered clinically to 39 cases with respiratory tract infections and the overall efficacy rate was 85%. 5. In this study, 5 strains of S. pyogenes were isolated and the eradication rate was60%. 6. Although severe side effects were not observed, gastrointestinal abnormalities like diarrhea and vomiting were seen in 3cases. 7. Any pediatric patient did not refuse taking.

ジャーナルthe japanese journal of antibiotics
出版ステータスPublished - 1982

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