Fundamental and clinical evaluation of a new orally administrable cephalosporin, cefaclor in pediatric field

Hironobu Akita, Masahiro Hotta, Naoya Yamashita, Seiichiro Nanri, Keisuke Sunakawa, Noriyoshi Hara, Yoshibumi Kojima, Mitsuru Osano, Yasuo Ichihashi, Takeo Kori, Satoshi Iwata, Mari Sakamoto, Yoshitake Sato

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Cefaclor, a new orally administrable cephalosporin, was evaluated fundamentally and clinically in children and following results were obtained. (1) Serum levels of orally administered cefaclor were measured and, revealed a prompt rise and fall with a half life of 20∼50 minutes. Maximal serum level was obtained 30 minutes after administration and was 16.5 μg/ml by a single oral dose of 25 mg/kg of body weight. Following serum concentrations of cefaclor were one hour, 11.2 μg/ml, 2 hours, 2.27μg/ml, 4 hours, 0.77 μg/ml and 6 hours, 0.2 μg/ml respectively. (2) Maximal serum concentration was lower than that of cephalexin (CEX). This might be the result of relative unstability of cefaclor compared with CEX. (3) Clinical evaluation was done in 31 cases, consisting of 18 cases in upper respiratory infection, 8 cases in bronchitis and bronchopneumonia, 3 cases in urinary tract infection and 2 other cases. The results of 29 out of 31 cases were excellent and good clinically. (4) Among 16 cases, in which pathological microorganisms were isolated from their throat or urine, 14 cases (88%) revealed good responses bacteriologically. (5) According to these results, it was suggested that cefaclor is more effective on respiratory and urinary tract infections with lesser side effects than CEX is, and useful in pediatric field.

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