G-language genome analysis environment with REST and SOAP web service interfaces

Kazuharu Arakawa, Nobuhiro Kido, Kazuki Oshita, Masaru Tomita

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G-language genome analysis environment (G-language GAE) contains more than 100 programs that focus on the analysis of bacterial genomes, including programs for the identification of binding sites by means of information theory, analysis of nucleotide composition bias and the distribution of particular oligonucleotides, calculation of codon bias and prediction of expression levels, and visualization of genomic information. We have provided a collection of web services for these programs by utilizing REST and SOAP technologies. The REST interface, available at http://rest.glanguage. org/, provides access to all 145 functions of the G-language GAE. These functions can be accessed from other online resources. All analysis functions are represented by unique universal resource identifiers. Users can access the functions directly via the corresponding universe resource locators (URLs), and biological web sites can readily embed the functions by simply linking to these URLs. The SOAP services, available at http://www.g-language.org/wiki/soap/, provide language-independent programmatic access to 77 analysis programs. The SOAP service Web Services Definition Language file can be readily loaded into graphical clients such as the Taverna workbench to integrate the programs with other services and workflows.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2010 5月 3

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