M. M. Khalifa, M. Abou-Seada, M. A. Hassan, K. Kolacek, S. Korbel, Z. Kolacinski, J. Koppitz, J. W. Long, A. A. Newton, T. Makabe, T. Goto, T. Mori, Anthony R. Martin, M. Abdel-Salam

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Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors of 142 papers presented: Analysis of the Effects of Wind on d. c. Transmission Line Corona 1. Corona Loss on Monopolar Lines. By M. M. Khalifa, M. Abou-Seada and M. Abdel-Salam. Computation of the Humidity Correction Factors of Spark Gaps. By M. M. Khalifa and M. A. Hassan. Measurement of the Macroscopic Velocity of the Neutral Component of Weakly Ionized Gas in the Crossed Fields. By K. Kolacek and S. Korbel. Thermal Reignition of the Cathode Sheath. By Z. Kolacinski. Discharges of Large Cross Section at High Overvoltages in N//2. By J. Koppitz. Numerical Investigation of the Decay of Highly Ionized Plasmas. By J. W. Long and A. A. Newton. Rigorous Simulation for Weakly Ionized Gas. By T. Makabe, T. Goto and T. Mori. Diode Behaviour in an Electron-Bombardment Ion Engine. By Anthony R. Martin.

出版ステータスPublished - 2017 1月 1
イベントInt Conf on Gas Discharges, 2nd - London, Engl
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OtherInt Conf on Gas Discharges, 2nd
CityLondon, Engl

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