Geological survey in southern to eastern Peninsular India, 1996

Masaru Yoshida, Victor Glebovitsky, Takuji Hamamoto, Victor Kovach, Yukari Miyashita, Yasuhito Osanai, H. M. Rajesh, A. T. Rao, M. Santosh, M. Satish-Kumar, Rajib K. Shaw, Yasutaka Tani, Hideki Wada, Tetsuya Yamamoto, Tohru Yamasaki, Shin Ich Yoshikura

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Field surveys in southern to eastern India including the Eastern Ghats Granulite Belt, Nellore Schist Belt, Trivandrum Granulite Belt and Periyar Madurai Granulite Belt were conducted during August-September 1996 by several geologists from Japan, India and Russia. The surveys went successfully, with about 500 man-days of survey and collection of about two tons of rock samples being made. In this paper, some important field operations and observations are given, with field photos. Detailed laboratory work is going on and the results will appear elsewhere in future.

ジャーナルJournal of Geosciences
出版ステータスPublished - 1998

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