Human life innovation symposium - Lecture 2 "Approaches to social innovations"

Ikuyo Kaneko

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The development of social innovations maybe compared to systems that needs robustness in its complex evolution. One such example is with the case where a headmaster had a meeting in a school on which they have discussed on how to better protect the safety of their students against possible malicious intruders into the school premises. Thus, the terms social innovation and human innovation should now be treated with utmost importance in that it should have new ways of bonding people. As such, the Cabinet Office of Japan will be adding social innovation to its scientific and technological innovation which has three criteria in it in order to achieve it. First is that the legal systems, administrative organizations and the social systems needs some changes. The second thing deals on the changes necessary on the way individuals and groups operate in order to bring changes in their daily lives. Lastly, a new cost defrayment or incentive system is needed to be implemented in order to have a sustainable social change.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2009 8月 17

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