International collaboration for assessing unmet needs of cancer survivors and family caregivers: Lens of healthcare professionals

Youngmee Kim, Amanda Ting, Charles S. Carver, Ozan Bahcivan, Cristiane Decat Bergerot, Degi Csaba, Tania Estape, Daisuke Fujisawa, Savita S. Goswami, Wendy Wing Tak Lam, Andrada Parvu, Eun Jung Shim, Samantha Serpentini, Emi Takeuchi, Ashley Wang

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Objective: Cancer patients and their family caregivers have reported various needs that are not met. Recognition of the unmet needs by healthcare professionals may be a first step to adequately and systematically addressing them. Thus, the International Psycho-Oncology Society Survivorship Online Survey was developed to measure healthcare professionals' evaluation about the unmet needs of their patients and family caregivers around the globe. Methods: The survey was developed in English and translated to additional 14 different languages. The survey was distributed on the web-based REDCap application to over 50 psycho-oncology societies and their networking platforms as well as social media and to authors who have published in psycho-oncology journals globally. Results: A total of 1472 participants from 36 countries at least partially completed the survey. Healthcare professionals evaluated needs for managing one's emotional distress and patients' medical care and symptoms as the most common concerns for both patients and their family caregivers across all patient age groups. Less than two-thirds of the participating healthcare professionals reported that their institution had services or programs to address the needs of the patients or caregivers. Conclusions: Findings suggest several directions for further analyses to provide more specific information that would be readily translated into clinical practices, research, and policy aimed to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients, survivors, and family caregivers around the globe. In addition, this collaborative effort also hints at the importance of establishing international networks to promote equity in care for people touched by cancer worldwide.

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