Intratemporal Facial Nerve Schwannomas: A Review of 45 Cases in A Single Center

Tsubasa Kitama, Makoto Hosoya, Masaru Noguchi, Takanori Nishiyama, Takeshi Wakabayashi, Marie N. Shimanuki, Masaki Yazawa, Yasuhiro Inoue, Jin Kanzaki, Kaoru Ogawa, Naoki Oishi

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There are no established indications for facial nerve schwannoma treatment, including surgery, radiation and follow-up observation, and it is difficult to determine treatment policy uniformly. The treatment policy was examined from each treatment course. Data of patients with facial nerve schwannomas at our hospital from 1987 to 2018 were retrospectively examined. Their age, sex, clinical symptoms, tumor localization, treatment policies and outcomes were reviewed. In total, 22 patients underwent surgery and 1 patient underwent radiotherapy; 22 patients were followed up without treatment. After total resection, there were no tumor recurrences, and most patients had grade 3 or 4 postoperative facial paralysis. After subtotal resection, tumor regrowth was observed in four patients and reoperation was required in two patients. Facial nerve function was maintained in four patients and was decreased in two patients. During follow-up, six patients showed tumor growth. Only one patient had worsening facial nerve paralysis; four patients underwent facial nerve decompression owing to facial nerve paralysis during follow-up. If the tumor compresses the brain or it is prone to growth, surgery may be indicated, and when the preoperative facial nerve function is grade ≤ 3, consideration should be given to preserving facial nerve function and subtotal resection should be indicated. If the preoperative facial nerve function is grade ≥ 3, total resection with nerve grafting is an option to prevent regrowth. If there is no brain compression or tumor growth, the follow-up is a good indication, and decompression should be considered in facial nerve paralysis cases.

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