Magnetic field imaging using computer tomography. Vector reconstruction

Hideo Saito, Akihiro Miyamoto, Masato Nakajima, Tatsuru Morozumi, Shin'ichi Yuta

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This paper proposes a new method of imaging the distribution of a magnetic field in an arbitrary section in a space with vector indication, using computer tomography (CT). The method measures the distribution of a magnetic field by moving, at a constant speed, a line conductor and a rectangular coil in a magnetic-field plane, and by applying a CT algorithm to data representing the induced voltages in the conductor and coil. Unlike conventional methods (such as an individual measurement of each point in a field using a Hall-effect sensor), the proposed method can simply measure a magnetic field with a vector representation. An experimental apparatus based on the method was constructed, and a magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet was measured using this apparatus. The results show the usefulness of the method.

ジャーナルSystems and Computers in Japan
出版ステータスPublished - 1990 12月 1

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