Management and network orchestration for edge/fog-based distributed data processing

Hiroki Watanabe, Kazuki Hayashi, Tomonori Sato, Takao Kondo, Fumio Teraoka

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In the age of edge/fog computing, it is important to consider not only computing resources but also network resources when hosting services. Since service is composed of multiple small functions in the microservice architecture, we treat a service as a set of BFs (basic functions) that fulfill a single task. It is required to place BFs at edge/fog nodes considering the computing resources and network requirements within a practical time. This paper proposes a MANO (Management and Network Orchestration) for deploying services composed of multiple BFs with requirements to computing and network resources of distributed nodes. The proposed MANO considers the computing resources of edge/fog/cloud as well as the network delay and the bandwidth between them. This paper proposes an optimal method and a heuristic method for calculating the placement of BFs. The evaluation results show that the placement calculation time for a service composed of four BFs is about 10 seconds with the optimal method and about 20 seconds with the heuristic method. The calculation time is within the practical range.

ジャーナルJournal of information processing
出版ステータスPublished - 2021

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