Motion-copying system for different environmental impedance

Hiroki Nagashima, Seiichiro Katsura

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Recently, motion control technology has been developed. In this research field, motion-copying system is expected to use some kinds of education in the future. Motion-copying system consists of two systems. One is the motion-saving system, and the other one is the motion-loading system. The structure of motion-saving system is similar to bilateral control system. In the system, human motion is abstracted and stored into motiondata memory. In the motion-loading system, human motion is precisely reproduced using the data in motion-data memory. Conventional motion-copying system is not able to treat the case condition of work object is changed between motionsaving system and motion-loading system. Some approaches are proposed, but most of approaches are related to the position gap. The case environmental impedance has changed is not sufficiently discussed. Therefore, this paper proposes motion-copying system for different environmental impedance. By the introduction of motion qualia into the motion-copying system, the effect of different environmental impedance is compensated. Validity of the proposal is confirmed by simulation results, and good agreement is observed.

ホスト出版物のタイトルProceedings, IECON 2013 - 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
出版ステータスPublished - 2013
イベント39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2013 - Vienna, Austria
継続期間: 2013 11月 102013 11月 14


名前IECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference)


Other39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2013

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