Near-Infrared II Photobiomodulation Preconditioning Ameliorates Stroke Injury via Phosphorylation of eNOS

Shinya Yokomizo, Timo Kopp, Malte Roessing, Atsuyo Morita, Seeun Lee, Suin Cho, Emiyu Ogawa, Eri Komai, Kazumasa Inoue, Masahiro Fukushi, Susanne Feil, Hyung Hwan Kim, Denis E. Bragin, Dmitry Gerashchenko, Paul L. Huang, Satoshi Kashiwagi, Dmitriy N. Atochin

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BACKGROUND: The current management of patients with stroke with intravenous thrombolysis and endovascular thrombectomy is effective only when it is timely performed on an appropriately selected but minor fraction of patients. The development of novel adjunctive therapy is highly desired to reduce morbidity and mortality with stroke. Since endothelial dysfunction is implicated in the pathogenesis of stroke and is featured with suppressed endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) with concomitant nitric oxide deficiency, restoring endothelial nitric oxide represents a promising approach to treating stroke injury. METHODS: This is a preclinical proof-of-concept study to determine the therapeutic effect of transcranial treatment with a low-power near-infrared laser in a mouse model of ischemic stroke. The laser treatment was performed before the middle cerebral artery occlusion with a filament. To determine the involvement of eNOS phosphorylation, unphosphorylatable eNOS S1176A knock-in mice were used. Each measurement was analyzed by a 2-way ANOVA to assess the effect of the treatment on cerebral blood flow with laser Doppler flowmetry, eNOS phosphorylation by immunoblot analysis, and stroke outcomes by infarct volumes and neurological deficits. RESULTS: Pretreatment with a 1064-nm laser at an irradiance of 50 mW/cm2improved cerebral blood flow, eNOS phosphorylation, and stroke outcomes. CONCLUSIONS: Near-infrared II photobiomodulation could offer a noninvasive and low-risk adjunctive therapy for stroke injury. This new modality using a physical parameter merits further consideration to develop innovative therapies to prevent and treat a wide array of cardiovascular diseases.

出版ステータスPublished - 2024 6月 1

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