Neutral bions in the CPN-1 model for resurgence

Tatsuhiro Misumi, Muneto Nitta, Norisuke Sakai

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Classical configurations in the CPN-1 model on R1 X S1 is studied with twisted boundary conditions. Starting from fractional instantons with the ZN twisted boundary conditions, we review briefly the relevance of our study to resurgence phenomenon in field theory. We consider primarily configurations composed of multiple fractional instantons, called "neutral bions", which are identified as "perturbative infrared renormalons". We construct an explicit ansatz corresponding to topologically trivial configurations containing one fractional instanton (v = 1/N) and one fractional anti-instanton (v = -1/N), which is guaranteed to become a solution of field equations asymptotically for large separations. The attractive interactions between the instanton constituents from small to large separations are found to be consistent with the standard separated-instanton calculus. Our results suggest that the ansatz enables us to study bions and the related physics for a wide range of separations. This talk is mainly based on our recent work published in JHEP 1406, 164 (2014) [arXiv:1404.7225 [hep-th]].

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 4月 13
イベント30th International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics (Group30), ICGTMP 2014 - Ghent, Belgium
継続期間: 2014 7月 142014 7月 18

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