Novel combination of serum microRNA for detecting breast cancer in the early stage

Akihiko Shimomura, Sho Shiino, Junpei Kawauchi, Satoko Takizawa, Hiromi Sakamoto, Juntaro Matsuzaki, Makiko Ono, Fumitaka Takeshita, Shumpei Niida, Chikako Shimizu, Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Takayuki Kinoshita, Kenji Tamura, Takahiro Ochiya

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MicroRNA (miRNA), which are stably present in serum, have been reported to be potentially useful for detecting cancer. In the present study, we examined the expression profiles of serum miRNA in several large cohorts to identify novel miRNA that can be used to detect early stage breast cancer. We comprehensively evaluated the serum miRNA expression profiles using highly sensitive microarray analysis. A total of 1280 serum samples of breast cancer patients stored in the National Cancer Center Biobank were used. In addition, 2836 serum samples were obtained from non-cancer controls, 451 from patients with other types of cancers, and 63 from patients with non-breast benign diseases. The samples were divided into a training cohort including non-cancer controls, other cancers and breast cancer, and a test cohort including non-cancer controls and breast cancer. The training cohort was used to identify a combination of miRNA that could detect breast cancer, and the test cohort was used to validate that combination. miRNA expressions were compared between patients with breast cancer and non-breast cancer, and a combination of five miRNA (miR-1246, miR-1307-3p, miR-4634, miR-6861-5p and miR-6875-5p) was found to be able to detect breast cancer. This combination had a sensitivity of 97.3%, specificity of 82.9% and accuracy of 89.7% for breast cancer in the test cohort. In addition, this combination could detect early stage breast cancer (sensitivity of 98.0% for Tis).

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出版ステータスPublished - 2016 3月 1

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