Parallel Ping-Pong: Exploring Parallel Embodiment through Multiple Bodies by a Single User

Kazuma Takada, Midori Kawaguchi, Akira Uehara, Yukiya Nakanishi, Mark Armstrong, Adrien Verhulst, Kouta Minamizawa, Shunichi Kasahara

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We propose Parallel Ping-Ping, a system that realizes "Parallel Embodiment", the experience of a single user controlling multiple bodies simultaneously. The user plays ping-pong by controlling 2 robot arms using a Virtual Reality (VR) controller, while looking at 2 tables through a Head Mounted Display (HMD). The computer constantly calculates the ball trajectory and the motion for the robot arm to hit the balls back automatically through color cameras. Based on this calculation, the system integrates the motion of the user's controller, maintaining the sense of agency of the robot arms even though single user plays ping-pong with two opponents. In addition, the user's view through the HMD is automatically switched to the appropriate table according to the calculated position and direction, so that the user can perceive both tables' situation smoothly. We exhibited a three-day Parallel Ping-Pong demonstration and surveyed 142 participants about their perception while controlling multiple bodies. In this paper, we introduce the Parallel Ping-Pong system framework and the insights from the survey of demonstration. We also discuss the design implication for Parallel Embodiment based on these results.

ホスト出版物のタイトルProceedings of Augmented Humans Conference 2022, AHs 2022
出版社Association for Computing Machinery
出版ステータスPublished - 2022 3月 13
イベント2022 Augmented Humans Conference, AHs 2022 - Virtual, Online, Germany
継続期間: 2022 3月 132022 3月 15


名前ACM International Conference Proceeding Series


Conference2022 Augmented Humans Conference, AHs 2022
CityVirtual, Online

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