Performance of high temperature air combustion boiler with low NO x emission

Hiromichi Kobayashi, Yoshihito Ito, Naoki Tsuruta, Kunio Yoshikawa

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Thermal performance in the experiments and three-dimensional numerical simulations for a high temperature air combustion boiler where fuel can be efficiently combusted by high temperature preheated air (800°C-1000°C) is examined. The boiler can burn not only natural gas but also low calorific gas (e.g. full gasification gas obtained from coal or wastes). In the boiler, four regenerative burners are installed. This boiler has new features that not only air but also gasification gas is heated up to 900°C, and combination of burners is switched every 15 seconds where two burners are used as inlets of fuel and air and the other two burners are used as outlets of exhaust gas. Natural gas and syngas obtained from coal are burned. The NO x emission for each fuel is less than 50 ppm. The heat transfer of three-dimensional calculation is predicted higher than that of experiment.

ジャーナルJSME International Journal, Series B: Fluids and Thermal Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2002 8月

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