Porphyrin and fullerene-based artificial photosynthetic materials for photovoltaics

Hiroshi Imahori, Yukiyasu Kashiwagi, Taku Hasobe, Makoto Kimura, Takeshi Hanada, Yoshinobu Nishimura, Iwao Yamazaki, Yasuyuki Araki, Osamu Ito, Shunichi Fukuzumi

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We have developed artificial photosynthetic systems in which porphyrins and fullerenes are self-assembled as building blocks into nanostructured molecular light-harvesting materials and photovoltaic devices. Multistep electron transfer strategy has been combined with our finding that porphyrin and fullerene systems have small reorganization energies, which are suitable for the construction of light energy conversion systems as well as artificial photosynthetic models. Highly efficient photosynthetic electron transfer reactions have been realized at ITO electrodes modified with self-assembled monolayers of porphyrin oligomers as well as porphyrin-fullerene linked systems. Porphyrin-modified gold nanoclusters have been found to have potential as artificial photosynthetic materials. These results provide basic information for the development of nanostructured artificial photosynthetic systems.

ジャーナルThin Solid Films
出版ステータスPublished - 2004 3月 22
イベントProceedings of Symposium D on Thin Film and Nano-Structured - Strasbourg, France
継続期間: 2003 6月 102003 6月 13

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