Post-marketing drug safety measures for the attainment of safer and more effective use of drug

Tatsuo Kurokawa

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In contrast with the 20th century's dramatic improvements in the direct and/or hazardous toxicity of drugs, indirect toxicity and/or long-term safety concerns such as relation of cancer risk and TNF-alpha receptor blockers have caused significant complexity in post-marketing surveillance (PMS) scenery. The post-marketing phase of drugs and their safety measures now appear to be much more complicated and heavier than decades ago. The spontaneous adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting system which has been one of the main pillars of PMS measures for almost 50 years may have to be reviewed in terms of its effectiveness, and may need augmentation from medical data bases. Only a pharmacoepidemiological analysis and integration of the output with a conventional spontaneous reporting approach offers a chance to satisfy the current complex safety issues. Today's tendency toward practical saturation at medical/pharmaceutical frontiers, by regulatory authorities and safety divisions of pharmaceutical companies with ever-increasing can also be pointed out. Such phenomena may actually reduce the productivity of safety measures and also jeopardize the maintenance of an acceptable risk/benefit drug ratio. To alleviate these potential negative implications, establishment of a consortium to act as a sentinel that would gather up-to-date and essential safety information, including epidemiological data, from all sources and provide it plus recommendations to all stakeholders can be suggested. Through such activities, we could expect significant improvement of drug safety measures in post-marketing phase which would eFFectively cover not only new drugs but also generic and bio-simulated drugs.

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