Practical applications

Yuji Tasaka, Beat Birkhofer, Noriyuki Furuichi, Hiroshige Kikura, Hisato Minagawa, Yuichi Murai, Hideki Murakawa, Masaaki Motozawa, Samsun Nahar, Hironari Obayashi, Tatsuo Sawada, A. K.Jeelani Shaik, Yasushi Takeda, Kenichi Tezuka, Yoshiyuki Tsuji, Takatoshi Yanagisawa, Sanehiro Wada, Johan Wiklund, Erich J. Windhab

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Because of the advantages of the ultrasonic velocity Doppler profiler (UVP), namely in spatiotemporal velocity field measurements and in its applicability for opaque liquids, UVP has a wide field of application in science and industry. The following chapter introduces carefully selected examples of applications covering relatively basic areas of application. The focus of the contents in this chapter is categorized into (1) studies of flow instability and transition (Sect. 5.1), (2) measurements and investigations of liquid metal flows (Sect. 5.2), (3) developments of new rheometry (Sect. 5.3), (4) determinations of rheological properties (Sect. 5.4), (5) studies of magnetic fluids (Sect. 5.5) and (6) gas-liquid two-phase flow (Sect. 5.6), (7) measurements of flowrate in turbidity flows (Sect. 5.7), and (8) -determinations of flows in a deforming tube for biomedical applications (Sect. 5.8). The measurement and post-processing techniques used in this chapter are described in detail in Chaps. 4 and 7, and, detailed explanations of these aspects are omitted in this chapter.

ホスト出版物のタイトルUltrasonic Doppler Velocity Pro fi ler for Fluid Flow
編集者Yasushi Takeda
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名前Fluid Mechanics and its Applications

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