Prevention of postprandial hyperglycemia by ophthalmic nanoparticles based on protamine zinc insulin in the rabbit

Saori Deguchi, Fumihiko Ogata, Takumi Isaka, Hiroko Otake, Yosuke Nakazawa, Naohito Kawasaki, Noriaki Nagai

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Postprandial hyperglycemia, a so-called blood glucose spike, is associated with enhanced risks of diabetes mellitus (DM) and its complications. In this study, we attempted to design nanopar-ticles (NPs) of protamine zinc insulin (PZI) by the bead mill method, and prepare ophthalmic formulations based on the PZI-NPs with (nPZI/P) or without polyacrylic acid (nPZI). In addition, we investigated whether the instillation of the newly developed nPZI and nPZI/P can prevent postprandial hyperglycemia in a rabbit model involving the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). The particle size of PZI was decreased by the bead mill to a range for both nPZI and nPZI/P of 80–550 nm with no observable aggregation for 6 d. Neither nPZI nor nPZI/P caused any noticeable corneal toxicity. The plasma INS levels in rabbits instilled with nPZI were significantly higher than in rabbits instilled with INS suspensions (commercially available formulations, CA-INS), and the plasma INS levels were further enhanced with the amount of polyacrylic acid in the nPZI/P. In addition, the rapid rise in plasma glucose levels in OGTT-treated rabbits was prevented by a single instillation of nPZI/P, which was significantly more effective at attenuating postprandial hyperglycemia (blood glucose spike) in comparison with nPZI. In conclusion, we designed nPZI/P, and show that a single instillation before OGTT attenuates the rapid enhancement of plasma glucose levels. These findings suggest a better management strategy for the postprandial blood glucose spike, which is an important target of DM therapy.

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