Proposal for an Event Design Process Using Systems Engineering Approach

Mikiko Nakada, Makoto Ioki

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The purpose of this study is to propose an event design process for department stores. Department stores are made up of multiple retail companies and act as one organization with common goals. As a result of this feature, a department store is similar to a “system.” Thus, we propose a detailed event design process using a systems engineering approach. Moreover, we propose an event design process sheet providing a detailed description of the process. It can be used readily, and can be filled out easily. Using the sheet, event designers can easily identify two things: all the stakeholders of the event in department stores, and what the designers need to do to design the event. In this paper, we have referred to the existing International Standard ISO 20121 (Event Sustainability Management Systems), and have proposed a far more detailed description of how to design the process for practitioners. We have also verified the process. Event design practitioners at department stores have confirmed its effectiveness.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2019

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