Quantum receiver beyond the standard quantum limit of coherent optical communication

Kenji Tsujino, Daiji Fukuda, Go Fujii, Shuichiro Inoue, Mikio Fujiwara, Masahiro Takeoka, Masahide Sasaki

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The most efficient modern optical communication is known as coherent communication, and its standard quantum limit is almost reachable with current technology. Though it has been predicted for a long time that this standard quantum limit could be overcome via quantum mechanically optimized receivers, such a performance has not been experimentally realized so far. Here we demonstrate the first unconditional evidence surpassing the standard quantum limit of coherent optical communication. We implement a quantum receiver with a simple linear optics configuration and achieve more than 90% of the total detection efficiency of the system. Such an efficient quantum receiver will provide a new way of extending the distance of amplification-free channels, as well as of realizing quantum information protocols based on coherent states and the loophole-free test of quantum mechanics.

ジャーナルPhysical review letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2011 6月 24

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