Quarry of modal information from environment for advanced motion control

Seiichiro Katsura, Kouhei Ohnishi

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Motion control in open environment will be more and more important. The recent machines are required to have an ability to contact unknown environment. The environmental information is a key to be compliant to unknown environment. It is obtained from the modal decomposition. The environment may have infinite modes. On the contrary, motion control systems have finite number of degree-of-freedom (DOF) for their motion. It is necessary for motion controller to quarry information from the environment at least to the extents of DOF. This paper develops a novel viewpoint of motion control based on quarry of environmental information. A quarry process of information from the environment using Hadamard matrix has been proposed. An extension method of the Hadamard matrix is proposed and quarry matrix is generalized in this paper. This paper shows a quarry of the planar environmental modes using the third-order quarry matrix. The motion of a robot with three supporting points has three modes, which are heaving, rolling and pitching modes. As a result, compliant motion control to unknown environment is attained in each mode. The modal system design method based on the quarry matrix will be a fundamental technique of design of decentralized system.

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