Real-time Kansei analysis during communication using a simplified EEG

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Many recent communication studies show meaningful results using biometric information measurements, such as body movement with accelerometers. However, most of them could not describe the reasons subjects showed body movement due to the lack of measurement abilities in real time. This background has made researchers expect real-time measurement methods of brain functions with superior time resolution. In this research, we succeeded in confirming a new method of communication analysis by using the Kansei Analyzer, a simplified electroencephalograph (EEG), which measures brain waves in real time to obtain internal information from a human being. The results of our two experiments show that it was possible to find quantitative changes when using this instrument. It is especially noteworthy that the concentration of one subject and the interest of another were synchronized, thanks to the superior time resolution. Brain wave measurements with an EEG have illustrated the quality of communication and the human relationship as constituent elements of communication in real time.

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