Relationship between social anxiety and coping profile in adults who stutter

Shuta Tomisato, Yasuto Yada, Koichiro Wasano

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Introduction: Stuttering is a condition that can be severely disabling in the workplace and socially. Although many stuttering cases resolve, some adults who stutter (AWS) continue to be affected not only by dysfluent speech, but also by other social and psychological conditions that may develop as a result of stuttering. The aim of the present study was to determine the relationship between severity of stuttering, severity of social anxiety, and coping profile. Methods: We objectively assessed adults who stutter (n = 44; mean age = 27.5 years) and age-matched non-stuttering control subjects on four variables: stuttering frequency, communication attitude, social anxiety, and coping profile. Stuttering frequency was calculated as the percentage stuttered morae in the Kitsuon-kensa-ho test. All subjects were assessed on the Japanese versions of the Modified Erickson's Communication Attitude Scale (S-24-J), Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS-J), and the Brief Scale for Coping Profile (BSCP). Results: Compared to the non-stuttering group, the stuttering group had a higher average score on the S-24-J and LSAS-J, and tended to "avoid and suppress" instead of "seek help for resolution" on the BSCP. Comparison of individual stutterers’ S-24-J scores whose LSAS-J scores were above or below the LSAS-J cutoff score revealed that their the S-24-J scores tended to be higher. Also, BSCP participants tended to engage in "proactive resolution" and "emotional venting involving others," not "seeking help for resolution." The stuttering group (vs. the non-stuttering group) and the high social-anxiety group (vs. the low social-anxiety group) adopted non-adaptive coping strategies. Conclusions: This suggests that the coping profile of AWS may contribute to the cycle of social anxiety and stuttering to a greater or lesser extent. Thus, therapy that reduces anxiety and helps AWS to adopt more adaptive coping strategies may improve stuttering.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2022 1月 1

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