Scalable 640-Gbit/s ATM switching system with self-load balancing mechanism

S. Yasukawa, N. Yamanaka, E. Oki, R. Kawano, K. Okazaki, D. Santoso

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A T-bit/s ATM switching system architecture, called the OPTIMA switch, is proposed. This system is scalable and quasi-non-blocking by virtue of its self-load-balancing mechanism and high-speed interconnection effect. The self-load-balancing mechanism prevents overloading in the switch by automatically checking and balancing the internal load. An experimental 640-Gbit/s ATM switching system was developed and tested; the basic parts of switching function are demonstrated. The switching system was fabricated using advanced 0.25 mm-CMOS devices, high-density MCM technologies, and optical WDM interconnection technologies. The WDM interconnection system, a key part of the scalable 640-Gbit/s OPTIMA switching system, interconnects 80-Gbit/s switching modules using WDM routing technology. The developed 640-Gbit/s switching system can be applied in the creation of a platform for future high-speed multimedia network.

出版ステータスPublished - 1999 12月 1
イベント1999 IEEE Global Telecommunication Conference - GLOBECOM'99 - Rio de Janeiro, Braz
継続期間: 1999 12月 51999 12月 9


Other1999 IEEE Global Telecommunication Conference - GLOBECOM'99
CityRio de Janeiro, Braz

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