SDS: Pub/Subモデルに基づく時間を用いたサブスクライバドリブンなデータ配信システム

Takafumi Kawasaki, Jin Nakazawa

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Everyone can easily get data from various devices and sensors currently, so it is expected that the developer will create new value for the information by collaborating difference sensors. Platforms based on publish/subscribe messaging models usually are used to deliver data from IoT devices. However, a subscriber cannot control to receive timing and frequency because these platforms perform based on the push model. It has the possibility that is the over-reception of data to subscribers, and it is difficult to synchronize publishing data from difference data provider to subscriber application. Therefore, we develop the expanded system of the IoT platform,"SDS", this system realizes what subscribers can control data to receive timing and frequency by "time". We measured the number of packets when we get from some sensors synchronize, if it gets from four sensors, we realized decreasing the packets less 70% than previous IoT platforms.

寄稿の翻訳タイトルSDS: Data Delivery System for Subscriber Driven by Using Time Based on Pub/Sub Model.
ジャーナルComputer Software
出版ステータスPublished - 2022

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