Self-organizable panel for assembling DIY ubiquitous computing

Naohiko Kohtake, Ryo Ohsawa, Takuro Yonezawa, Masayuki Iwai, Kazunori Takashio, Hideyuki Tokuda

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This paper proposes the concept of DIY (do-it-yourself) ubiquitous computing, an architecture allowing non-experts to establish ubiquitous computing environments in the real world. This concept has been implemented in the "u-Texture", which is a self-organizable panel that works as a building block. While the traditional scheme attaches devices such as computers, sensors, and network equipments externally to make everyday objects smart, the u-Texture has these devices built in beforehand to assemble smart objects. The u-Texture can change its own behavior autonomously through recognition of its location, its angle of inclination, and surrounding environment by assembling these factors physically. This paper describes the design, the implementation, and various applications of u-Textures to confirm that the concept can contribute to establishment of ubiquitous computing environments in the real world without expert users.

ジャーナルPersonal and Ubiquitous Computing
出版ステータスPublished - 2007 10月

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