Sentinel lymph node as a target of molecular diagnosis of lymphatic micrometastasis and local immunoresponse to malignant cells

Hiroya Takeuchi, Masaki Kitajima, Yuko Kitagawa

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The sentinel lymph node (SLN) is defined as the lymph node(s) first receiving lymphatic drainage from the site of the primary tumor. The histopathological status of SLN is one of the most significant predictors of recurrence and overall survival for most clinical stage I/II solid tumors. Recent progress in molecular techniques has demonstrated the presence of micrometastatic tumor cells in SLN. There is now a growing body of data to support the clinical relevance of SLN micrometastasis in a variety of solid tumors. Increasing the sensitivity of occult tumor cell detection in the SLN, using molecular-based analysis, should enable a more accurate understanding of the clinical significance of various patterns of micrometastatic nodal disease. The establishment of metastasis to SLN might not be simply reflected by the flow dynamics of lymphatic fluid that drains from the primary site to the SLN, and the transportation of viable cancer cells. Recent studies have demonstrated that primary tumors can actively induce lymphangiogenesis and promote SLN metastasis. Moreover chemokine receptors in tumor cells may facilitate organ-specific tumor metastasis in many human cancers and some experimental models. In contrast, recent clinical and preclinical studies regard SLN as the first lymphoid organ to respond to tumor antigenic stimulation. SLN dramatically show morphological, phenotypical and functional changes that indicate immune suppression by tumor cells. The immune suppression in SLN results in failure of prevention or eradication of tumor metastasis. The mechanism of immunomodulation remains unclear; however, several regulatory molecules produced by tumor cells and tumor-associated macrophages or lymphocytes are likely to be responsible for inducing the immune suppression in SLN. Further studies may develop a novel immunotherapy that overcomes tumor-induced immune suppression and can prevent or eradicate SLN metastasis.

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