Severe tinnitus in a patient with acquired deafness for over 50years: A case report

Saeko Matsuzaki, Naoki Oishi, Kaoru Ogawa

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Background: There have been many reports on the treatment effect of cochlear implantation and hearing aids in the treatment of tinnitus in patients with severe hearing loss. However, as far as we are aware, there are no reports of investigation of treatment approaches for the tinnitus of deaf patients whose communication is solely carried out in sign language due to a long duration of deafness. Case presentation: We experienced a case of severe tinnitus with bilateral deafness for more than 50years. The patient is a 69-year-old woman who communicates with her family solely in sign language. Family stress triggered the onset of tinnitus, accompanied by sleep disorder and palpitations. At the initial visit, she suffered from severe tinnitus (THI 94) as well as strong tendencies toward depression and anxiety. Because neither the patient nor her family was willing to use cochlear implantation, the administration of an antidepressant and a sleep-inducing agent was started, which resulted in improvement of the psychological conditions. Tinnitus distress, synchronized with the heartbeat, was relieved by the addition of autogenic training. At four and half years after the initial visit, the THI score had dropped to 0, and the subjective tinnitus and palpitation had almost disappeared, with only a low dose of antidepressant necessary. Conclusion: A deaf patient with severe tinnitus was successfully treated with drug and psychotherapy.

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