Simultaneous Execution of Quantum Circuits on Current and Near-Future NISQ Systems

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In the noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) era, the idea of quantum multiprogramming, running multiple quantum circuits (QCs) simultaneously on the same hardware, helps to improve the throughput of quantum computation. However, the crosstalk, unwanted interference between qubits on NISQ processors, may cause performance degradation when using multiprogramming. To address this challenge, we introduce palloq (parallel allocation of QCs), a novel compilation protocol. Palloq improves the performance of quantum multiprogramming on NISQ processors, while paying attention to 1) the combination of QCs chosen for parallel execution and 2) the assignment of program qubit variables to physical qubits, to reduce unwanted interference among the active set of QCs. We also propose a software-based crosstalk detection protocol using a new combination of randomized benchmarking methods. Our method successfully characterizes the suitability of hardware for multiprogramming with relatively low detection costs. We found a tradeoff between the success rate and execution time of the multiprogramming. Our results will be of value when device throughput becomes a significant bottleneck. Until service providers have enough quantum processors available to more than meet demand, this approach will be attractive to the service providers and users who want to optimize job management and throughput of the processor.

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