SMASH: Synchronization media of athletes and spectator through haptic

Marie Stephanie Iekura, Hirohiko Hayakawa, Keisuke Onoda, Yoichi Kamiyama, Kouta Minamizawa, Masahiko Inami

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What could we do if we were able to feel others experience in real time. SMASH is a system that provides sports experience of a per- son from a remote area to spectators at the stadium and television audience in real time. For example, in sports watching, the spec- Tator, by holding the actuator build-in device in the hand, is able to feel the heartbeat of the athlete and the tactile sensation that the player has during a game like shooting a ball, steps, or smashing a shuttle. Sports watching experience using player view point with HMD is said to be the most close to the player, but it shuts the user from other spectators. By feeling the players sensation in the palm, the spectator is able to feel the player closer while enjoying sports watching with others and share their emotions. This system used with television broadcast and at stadium should bring different stage of synchronization with the athlete depending on the situa- Tion. In 2020, with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, new system for sports watching are expected to emerge, using not only tactile information, but information system using extension of any of the human senses are expected to come out.

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