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A series of research frauds, including data manipulation in clinical trials of pharmaceuticals represented by the hypertension drugs Diovan and Blopress and the leukemia treatment Tasigna, as well as violation of conflict of interest disclosure in relation to pharmaceutical companies, were uncovered from 2013 to 2014. In response, the Clinical Trials Act(Act No. 16 of 2017)was enacted by the ordinary Diet session on April 7, 2017(promulgated on April 14 of the same year)to ensure confidence in clinical research. In addition to requiring researchers to comply with the Standards for Conducting Clinical Research and to conclude and disclose contracts related to funding to pharmaceutical companies and other parties, the act also stipulates that the quality of reviews should be ensured by establishing an accredited certified review board, thereby promoting high-quality social and academic clinical research that is transparent, safe, and the purpose of the Act is to promote high-quality, socially and academically significant clinical research that ensures transparency and safety. The Act came into effect on April 1, 2018, but when it first came into effect, there was atrophy in clinical research, which is essential for drug development, due to a lack of understanding among researchers, delays in response by medical institutions, and complicated procedures and high implementation costs as typified by the enormous amount of paperwork. Now, several years after the enactment of the Act, the number of specified clinical research projects stipulated in the Act is on the increase, thanks to the Q and A issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regarding the implementation of the Clinical Trials Act and other administrative information, as well as to the ingenious implementation of the Act. In addition, various advantages of conducting research under the Clinical Trials Act have also become apparent. This article outlines the operation and points to keep in mind regarding the specified clinical research stipulated in the Clinical Trials Act.

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