Synthetic Document Images with Diverse Shadows for Deep Shadow Removal Networks

Yuhi Matsuo, Yoshimitsu Aoki

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Shadow removal for document images is an essential task for digitized document applications. Recent shadow removal models have been trained on pairs of shadow images and shadow-free images. However, obtaining a large, diverse dataset for document shadow removal takes time and effort. Thus, only small real datasets are available. Graphic renderers have been used to synthesize shadows to create relatively large datasets. However, the limited number of unique documents and the limited lighting environments adversely affect the network performance. This paper presents a large-scale, diverse dataset called the Synthetic Document with Diverse Shadows (SynDocDS) dataset. The SynDocDS comprises rendered images with diverse shadows augmented by a physics-based illumination model, which can be utilized to obtain a more robust and high-performance deep shadow removal network. In this paper, we further propose a Dual Shadow Fusion Network (DSFN). Unlike natural images, document images often have constant background colors requiring a high understanding of global color features for training a deep shadow removal network. The DSFN has a high global color comprehension and understanding of shadow regions and merges shadow attentions and features efficiently. We conduct experiments on three publicly available datasets, the OSR, Kligler’s, and Jung’s datasets, to validate our proposed method’s effectiveness. In comparison to training on existing synthetic datasets, our model training on the SynDocDS dataset achieves an enhancement in the PSNR and SSIM, increasing them from 23.00 dB to 25.70 dB and 0.959 to 0.971 on average. In addition, the experiments demonstrated that our DSFN clearly outperformed other networks across multiple metrics, including the PSNR, the SSIM, and its impact on OCR performance.

出版ステータスPublished - 2024 1月

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